Kennel ideas

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Kennel ideas

Postby Whiskey » January 25th, 2016, 10:16 pm

Would love to see some kernels. I need some ideas, I'm tired of the way mine or set up.

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Re: Kennel ideas

Postby FrankJames » January 25th, 2016, 10:36 pm

Would love to see some myself

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Re: Kennel ideas

Postby Jimmy » January 26th, 2016, 7:25 pm

I need to build some new ones myself

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Re: Kennel ideas

Postby Koyote76 » March 29th, 2016, 2:39 am

Here's some old kennels and some newer ones, added 3 more kennels on the slab. I prefer chains myself
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